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London Festival Security

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London Festivals, London Concerts, London Corporate Events, Commercial Events

*Security dogs: Ask for more details
*Thermal imaging: Included as standard for more details call us
*CCTV: Included as standard for more details call us

Price: £9-12.50 per hour

*depending on location, call for a quote

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Customer Reviews
  • Everybody loves to goto festivals and that is part of the problems with a festival, the many different types of personalities that attend these festivals mixing together often mixing their drinks too. We here at UK Event Security are used to dealing with these types of situations on a daily basis, we are a professional team of guards and stewards accredited with SIA certification and public liability cover. We take are experts in crowd control and security with large numbers of people, we can and will set up patrols for certain areas and post static guards on entrances, exits and bars. Give us a call tell us the number of people your expecting and we can prepare a competitive quote right away for you. We have worked with many large organisations in the UK and we aer looking forward to working with you too.

    If You have any questions about what we offer and how we can help your organisation please do not hesitate to give us call on 0800 023 44 80

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  • John Menzies: Outstanding service and 100% commitment to crime prevention and theft deterrent , I would highly recommend these guys!

    Ward Bros Steel LTD We have used the services of Uk Event Security for many years now and have had no reason to change our guards they perform very well.